About me

hey ! here you will get to
know me by reading a little
paragraph about me. I treasure
my stalkers for life because y’all
are the sweetest. Have fun
stalking !


This about me website is
the place where you can
stalk me all you want by
learning about me. wan
na be friends? Follow m
e on my social media’s a
nd we can talk.


hi! my name is victoria and I’m sure
your here to learn more about me n
ow let’s get started! my birthday is
april 9th 2006 and my hobbies are
dancing, editing, and singing. my f
avorite kdramas are the great sedu
cer and school 2013. they both are
very unique kdramas and that is my
favorite thing about them. some thi
ngs I love are kpop, kdramas, pop, r
&b, rap, and rock. I love to talk to fri
ends and dance in my free time. my
favorite animals are rabbits and cats
because I’m around these animals a
lot so they make me very happy to s
ee them. my favorite colors are pink,
blue, and red because blue and red
are colors of passion and trust and
pink is for love. The colors really st
and for things that are powerful and
are very important for someone to h
ave. I am an aries which I am very si
milar with and if you would like to kn
ow some traits then here are some I
have that are a little different and si
milar to my sign. I’m honest, introve
rted, impatient sometimes, optimist
ic, told to be romantic, passionate, li
vely, positive, bold, versatile, courag
eous, adventurous, trustworthy, hard
working, and understanding. I hope y
ou enjoyed learning about me and I h
ope we can be friends.